Health Law Highlights

New State Health Privacy Laws—Moving Beyond HIPAA and Recasting Consumer Health Data Rights?

From Jones Day, by Alexis S. Gilroy, Lisa M. Ropple, Ryan P. Blaney, Claire E. Castles, Jennifer C. Everett and Kristen Pollock McDonald:

The new consumer health data (CHD) privacy laws enacted in Washington and Nevada aim to offer state-level protections for personal health data not covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The laws, effective from March 31, 2024, mandate entities to obtain affirmative consent before collecting or sharing CHD, develop privacy policies, implement security safeguards, and restrict geofencing. Both laws grant consumers rights to access, review, and delete their CHD, and to withdraw consent for its collection or sharing. Washington’s law, uniquely, gives consumers a private right of action for CHD-related violations, potentially leading to increased litigation. Companies are advised to review and revise their policies and practices to ensure compliance.