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Healthcare Execs Face Federal Drug Charges in Landmark Telehealth Case

Summary of article from Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, by Jonathan Ferry, Stephen Moulton, Virginia Wright:

Federal prosecutors have charged two healthcare executives of Done Global Inc. and Done Health P.C., with unlawfully distributing controlled substances like Adderall via a telehealth platform. This unprecedented case highlights the Department of Justice’s focus on enforcing controlled substances laws within the digital health sector, particularly post-pandemic. The indictment alleges that Done exploited COVID-era regulatory waivers to facilitate easy access to ADHD medications without proper medical oversight, resulting in the unlawful distribution of over 40 million stimulant pills. This prosecution underscores the growing scrutiny of online prescription services and may set a precedent for future telehealth-related legal actions. The case raises critical issues regarding the balance between expanding access to mental health treatments and preventing prescription drug abuse.