Health Law Highlights

Woman’s Death After IV Therapy Leads to License Suspension for Frisco Anesthesiologist

From D Magazine, by Will Maddox:

  • The Texas Medical Board suspended Frisco anesthesiologist Dr. Michael Gallagher after a mother of four died in July at a med spa for which he was the medical director. 
  • She died after receiving an IV treatment administered by the non-licensed owner of the business. 
  • The med spa did not have protocols or policies for the staff’s IV therapy administration. 
  • There was only an unsigned agreement between Gallagher and the med spa. 
  • There were no licensed medical staff or experienced personnel onsite while IV therapy was being administered. 
  • The treatment the patient received before dying included vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, TPN electrolytes, and ascorbic acid. TPN electrolyte solution requires a prescription and is known to cause complications. 
  • IV therapy is a growing market, but complications can be deadly because it is often administered in medical spas with little medical supervision.