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The Future of Technology in Health Care

Summary of article from The Regulatory Review, by Alyson Diaz, Julia Englebert, and Carson Turner:

The use of technology in healthcare, particularly AI and telemedicine, is increasing, but many Americans are uncomfortable with AI’s role in diagnosis and treatment due to potential biases and errors. While AI can improve care quality and accessibility, especially for underserved communities, it also presents risks such as algorithmic bias and overreliance. Current regulations, including the FDA’s 510(k) review, inadequately address these concerns and often allow AI-enabled devices to be approved without sufficient safety and accuracy checks. Scholars suggest various regulatory improvements, including educating patients about algorithmic bias, continuous assessment of AI technologies, and lowering barriers for community organizations to provide telehealth services. Concerns also extend to the influence of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical companies on social media, and the need for stricter regulation of telehealth providers to prevent inadequate treatment and excessive drug prescriptions.