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Texas Company Connected to Alleged Scheme That Billed Medicare $3 Billion for Urinary Catheters

Summary of article from CBS Texas, by Brian New:

A Texas-based company, Konaniah Medical Supplies, is implicated in a suspected Medicare fraud scheme involving billing for urinary catheters that beneficiaries never ordered or received. The company, along with its associated entity G&I Ortho Supply in New York and eight other medical supply companies, collectively billed Medicare over $3 billion for catheters, causing a nearly 2,000% increase in Medicare billings for this product. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have identified a concerning increase in urinary catheter billings and suspended payments to the implicated suppliers, but it remains unclear how much of the alleged fraudulent billings were paid out. U.S. Senator Mike Braun has called for a full federal audit of Medicare, and proposed a bill to use artificial intelligence for detecting potential billing irregularities. The investigation into the alleged fraud is ongoing.