Physician’s Assistant Convicted at Trial of Amniotic Fluid Scam

From Press Release, United States Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Texas:

  • A 36-year-old physician’s assistant at a Fort Worth pain management clinic has been convicted of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and 12 counts of healthcare fraud.
  • The PA submitted claims to Medicare for injections of unapproved amniotic fluid for pain management.
  • Although some amniotic products are FDA-approved for wound care, they are not approved for pain management, making the injections medically unnecessary and non-reimbursable by Medicare.
  • He used an amniotic product called “Cell Genuity,” which was not covered by Medicare for either wound care or pain management. He initially asked patients to pay out of pocket for the injections, but many refused due to the high cost and questionable efficacy.
  • The PA identified another product, “Fluid Flow,” that he believed could be reimbursed by Medicare. Instead of purchasing this more expensive product, he continued to use Cell Genuity but billed Medicare under Fluid Flow’s unique code. This resulted in significant profits for the clinic and himself.
  • The PA now faces up to 240 years in federal prison – 20 years per count.