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PHI Compromised in Cyberattacks on South Texas Oncology and Hematology & Highland Health Systems

Summary of article from The HIPAA Journal, by Steve Adler:

South Texas Oncology and Hematology (STOH) in San Antonio, TX, and Highland Health Systems in Anniston, AL, have experienced significant cyberattacks, compromising the personal and protected health information of their patients and employees. STOH’s breach, detected in February 2024, affected 176,303 individuals, exposing names and medical information, while Highland Health Systems’ breach, detected in July 2023, impacted 83,543 individuals, revealing sensitive data such as Social Security numbers and medical information. Both organizations have engaged third-party cybersecurity firms, notified law enforcement, and provided affected individuals with credit monitoring services. STOH and Highland Health Systems have also enhanced their security measures, including updating security tools and implementing new protections. No evidence of misuse of the compromised data has been found to date.