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Patients Are Bullish on the Benefits of genAI, but Still Have Qualms

Summary of article from Healthcare IT News, by Andrea Fox:

The 2024 Deloitte Center for Health Solutions consumer survey reveals that while U.S. consumers are optimistic about generative artificial intelligence (genAI) in healthcare, their use has dropped slightly due to increased distrust in AI outputs. The report suggests that to overcome this distrust, healthcare organizations should align genAI with the values, expectations, and trust of patients. The survey shows that 66% of respondents believe genAI could reduce wait times and healthcare costs, but 30% do not trust the information provided by these tools. The report recommends that healthcare organizations engage clinicians as change agents, ensure transparency, and enlist community partners to advocate for the technology. Deloitte emphasizes the importance of governance in genAI implementation to ensure effective use, data quality, bias mitigation, and privacy protection.