Health Law Highlights

Patient Privacy: Preventing Data Leakage in Healthcare

From Security Boulevard, by Chantel Rodrigues:

  • Tracking pixels are tiny, invisible images or code snippets embedded in web pages, emails, or mobile apps. They can be used for legitimate purposes, such as monitoring website traffic, measuring user engagement, and improving user experience.
  • They can also lead to data leakage and privacy breaches, which can constitute HIPAA violations if they compromise patient privacy or security.
  • Identify all pixels and trackers on your web pages and remove the ones that are unnecessary or could be reading sensitive data.
  • Implement JavaScript security controls throughout both the development and Application Security (AppSec) lifecycles.
  • If you do use tracking technologies, ensure they only use and share protected health information (PHI) following HIPAA Privacy Rule guidelines.
  • If you use technology vendors, establish a robust business associate agreement (BAA) to protect PHI.