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New Texas Medical Billing Requirements Can Leave Hospitals and Other Health Care Facilities Unable to Collect for Services Provided

Joe Lecroy, Tracie Bedeauxm, writing for Katton:

Starting September 1, 2023, health care facilities in Texas will have to make changes to their billing practices to comply with a newly passed law requiring greater transparency in medical billing …

A health care provider that requests payment from a patient after providing a health care service or related supply shall provide a written, itemized bill sufficiently describing the cost of each service and supply provided to the patient. This itemized bill must be submitted within 30 days after the provider receives a final payment on the provided service or supply from a third party, including payors. The itemized bill may be submitted to the patient in writing, or electronically through a patient portal on the provider’s website. Further, the provider must provide this bill on request at any time following the issuance of the original itemized bill.