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Mark Cuban’s Drug Company Will Soon Be Selling Its Medicine Directly to Hospitals

Will Maddox, for D Magazine:

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. CEO Dr. Alex Oshmyansky is always busy disrupting the healthcare system. The latest iteration? Selling medicines directly to hospitals and clinics to address shortages and help providers save on needed medications.

The company is focused on manufacturing drugs that are in shortage. The FDA keeps a running list of around 180 medicines in its drug shortage database. When I visited, a few vials of the Cost Plus’ 23.4 percent Sodium Chloride Injection sat on Oshmyansky’s desk. The solution, which was manufactured via the robotic machinery in the factory, is listed in the shortage database and is used to replenish lost water and salt in your body or as an additive to total parenteral nutrition, which allows patients to be given nutrition without accessing the digestive tract.