Health Law Highlights

How the Chevron Doctrine’s Overturn Could Effect Public Health, FDA

Summary of article from The Washington Post, by David Ovalle, Joel Achenbach, Rachel Roubein:

Recent Supreme Court decisions have significantly curtailed the power of federal health-care agencies, leading to potential challenges in regulating drugs, tobacco products, and medical technologies. The court’s ruling in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo overturned the Chevron doctrine, which had required courts to defer to agency interpretations of ambiguous laws, thereby increasing judicial scrutiny over agency decisions. This shift is expected to result in extensive litigation, complicating the administration of health programs like Medicare and Medicaid and potentially undermining public health protections. Legal experts warn that these changes could hinder the ability of agencies like the FDA to respond effectively to health emergencies and regulate emerging technologies. The Biden administration and health officials express concern over the long-term impact on public health and regulatory stability.