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FTC Emerges as Leader in Health Privacy Enforcement

Kirk J. Nahra, Ali A. Jessani, and Samuel Kane, for WilmerHale:

In the past several weeks, the FTC has taken two additional actions that further signal its emergence as a leading regulatory force for health data. First, on July 20, the Commission issued a joint letter with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (HHS OCR) pertaining to the use of online tracking technologies by hospitals and telehealth providers. Second, on July 25, the Commission published a blog post highlighting key takeaways from its recent health data enforcement actions. Taken together, these actions indicate that the FTC’s recent interest in health privacy enforcement is no fluke — rather, companies should expect the FTC to remain an active regulator in this space for the foreseeable future.  Accordingly, companies that handle health data (as broadly defined by the FTC) — particularly those outside of the scope of HIPAA — should ensure that their health data privacy and security programs are robust.