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Bogus Botox Poisoning Outbreak Spreads to 9 States, CDC Says

Summary of article from Ars Technica, by Beth Mole:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 19 women across nine US states have been poisoned by counterfeit Botox injections. Almost half of these cases resulted in hospitalization, with four individuals treated with botulinum anti-toxin. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported these fake products were administered by unlicensed or untrained individuals in non-medical or unlicensed settings.The FDA and CDC noted symptoms from the counterfeit injections similar to botulism, including blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, constipation, and muscle weakness. They advised anyone experiencing these symptoms to seek immediate medical attention.The counterfeit Botox was primarily used for cosmetic purposes by women aged between 25 and 59. Exposure to the counterfeit product can lead to botulism or similar illnesses, potentially resulting in muscle paralysis or even death.