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As Federal Healthcare AI Regs Stall, States Take Matters Into Own Hands

Summary of article from Medical Marketing & Media, by Lecia Bushak:

States such as Colorado and California are introducing legislation to regulate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various sectors, including healthcare, in response to the lack of federal regulation. Colorado’s Governor signed SB 205, the first comprehensive AI bias law in the nation, which aims to regulate the use of AI in high-stake decisions and prevent discriminatory use based on genetic information or other data. California is pushing forward approximately 30 regulatory measures to establish boundaries around AI technology, building upon its 2020 data privacy law. Across the US, around 400 new laws on AI have been proposed this year, reflecting the growing legislative interest in the area. Despite some draft legislation at the federal level, experts do not anticipate federal regulation on AI to be established in the near future.