Pharmacy Owner Sentenced for Paying Illegal Kickbacks and Engaging in a Money Laundering Conspiracy

Summary of press release from United States Department of Justice:

A Texas pharmacy owner was sentenced today to four years and four months in prison and ordered to pay over $59 million in restitution for paying illegal kickbacks and engaging in a money laundering conspiracy. According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Richard Hall, 53, of Fort Worth, worked with others to create and market expensive compounded medications, which are intended to be custom-tailored to individual patient needs. Hall paid marketers to recruit area doctors to write prescriptions for these expensive compounded medications, including by creating so-called “investment opportunities” so that doctors who wrote prescriptions to the pharmacy could profit from the pharmacy operations. Hall paid illegal kickbacks to these marketers and engaged in a conspiracy to launder the unlawful proceeds. A federal jury in the Northern District of Texas convicted Hall in July 2023 of four counts of paying and receiving unlawful kickbacks and one count of conspiring to launder money.