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How ACOs Can Harness AI’s Transformative Potential

Summary of article from MedCity News, by Theresa Hush:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various sectors, including healthcare, by improving diagnoses, personalizing medicine, and developing less-invasive procedures. However, its application in accountable care organizations (ACOs) remains limited, mainly to patient-checking bots and robotic assistants, without fully exploring AI’s potential for predictive healthcare and cost reduction. ACOs face challenges in data aggregation and utilization, often relying on retrospective claims data rather than forward-thinking clinical data insights, hindering significant improvements in patient outcomes and cost savings. To leverage AI effectively, ACOs need to aggregate comprehensive data from all provider EHRs, build clinically rich data substrates, and share data with providers. Thus, integrating AI with electronic health records can offer ACOs opportunities to improve patient health outcomes and reduce costs.