Health Law Highlights

Healthcare Highlights from FTC’s 2024 PrivacyCon

From SheppardMullin, by Carolyn Metnick, Carolyn Young:

The Federal Trade Commission’s annual PrivacyCon highlighted three healthcare privacy research projects: tracking technology use by healthcare providers, women’s privacy concerns post Roe era, and bias propagation through large language learning models (LLMs). One key finding was the extensive use of tracking technologies on hospital websites, which can reveal personal health information and potentially be exploited. Despite serious implications, healthcare data privacy concerns are largely overlooked by users. The event also underscored how biases in LLM training data can lead to biased healthcare outcomes. The key takeaway was the need for transparency in handling healthcare data, including clear policies around data collection and usage, compliance with HIPAA and FTC rules, and the need for accurate privacy notices for users.