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FTC Bans Noncompete Clauses, Declares Vast Majority Unenforceable

Summary of article from Ars Technica, by Jon Brodkin:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a final rule banning noncompete clauses, rendering most existing clauses unenforceable, citing that they are an unfair method of competition and a violation of Section 5 of the FTC Act. The rule will take effect 120 days after its publication in the Federal Register, affecting approximately 30 million US workers currently bound by such clauses. The rule will not apply to senior executives, defined as those earning more than $151,164 annually and in policy-making positions. The FTC argues that noncompete clauses suppress wages, innovation, and economic dynamism, and believes businesses can protect trade secrets through other means like nondisclosure agreements. The US Chamber of Commerce intends to sue the FTC, claiming the rule undermines the competitiveness of American businesses.