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Better Call Your Privacy Attorney: 3 New State Privacy Laws Begin July 1, 2024

Summary of article from Dickenson Wright, by Sara Jodka:

On July 1, 2024, Florida, Oregon, and Texas will join other states in implementing privacy laws to govern the collection, use, and transfer of consumer personal data, with Montana following on October 1, 2024. These laws will impose requirements on businesses collecting personal data, and although existing privacy programs may not need significant changes, new businesses will need to update their privacy policies and processes. The laws vary between states, with Texas having the broadest application and Florida the narrowest, and they encompass different definitions of personal data and sensitive data. Covered entities will need to provide clear privacy notices, limit data collection, obtain consumer consent for processing sensitive data, implement safeguards, and conduct data protection assessments among other requirements. Beyond 2024, more states including Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Tennessee will implement similar laws in 2025, with Indiana and Kentucky following in 2026.