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Let’s Make a Deal with DOJ: The Impact of the DOJ’s New Whistleblower Reward Program on Corporate Compliance

Summary of article from Husch Blackwell, by Christina Moore, Madison Rector:

The DOJ announced a new whistleblower rewards program aimed at incentivizing reports of corporate or financial misconduct. This program, allowing individuals to report violations of any federal law, particularly criminal abuses of the U.S. financial system, fills gaps not covered by existing whistleblower initiatives like the False Claims Act (FCA) or the IRS Whistleblower Program. Under the new program, whistleblowers do not need to file a lawsuit or hire an attorney, making it easier for them to report wrongdoings. This initiative could increase pressure on companies to maintain high ethical standards and prevent misconduct. To mitigate risks, compliance officers should foster a culture of openness and communication, ensuring that employees are aware of internal reporting procedures and feel safe using them.